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Shallow Stick Figurine

About the author

If you were to ask me what’s your greatest talent? I would say, asking questions. My earliest memories consist of me bombarding my parents and any unfortunate bystanders with bizarre, relentless questioning.

I wanted to know, everything about everything. My family members prayed that my curiosity would soon die down and that I would eventually shut up, however, as I matured my hunger for answers only grew.

I love reading anything I can get my hands on and transporting myself into different worlds, exploring theories, and sharing ideas. I’ve also been privileged with exposure, to a wide variety of cultures, experiences, and to have known some amazing individuals. All of which, have contributed towards and shaped my worldview.

To tell the truth, it hasn’t been all sunshine and daisies, I’ve had my fair share of dark moments and challenges. And, it would be naive to assume there won’t be more coming. Although, upon reflection, the one thing that has got me through each and every obstacle, has been wisdom. Wisdom gained, through a conversation, a book, or even a film. Fast forward a decade, I’m now a psychology graduate (who figured), aiming to share meaningful information in an attempt to free people from their self-made prisons.

Stick Figurine
Cody Dumbarton
Assume Nothing Question Everything

Why did I create thinkopedia?

I created Thinkopedia because there is so much suffering in the world. But, I believe a large amount of suffering is unnecessary. A product of our imagination, fortified by widespread ignorance.

There is an abundance of information available, however, the majority is unrelatable and unhelpful. We are subject to constant negativity in the media and useless distractions. As a result, we remain confused, operating on a low plane of thought.

If you are struggling with mental health, please understand it is your right to enjoy a healthy mind, perhaps something you read will help you, and please don't be afraid to reach me through the contact page.